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Business Models

You'll find a quick summary of each business model below and a way to get started immediately!

Affiliate Marketing

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Drive traffic to a company's service or product and receive compensation for the sales generated.

Airbnb Rental

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Rent properties on Airbnb. You can own them, lease them, or co-host them for property owners. 


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Write content about a niche topic and generate viewers to your site. 


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Provide coaching services for niche topics.

Day Trading

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Buying and selling of financial instruments, usually in the span of a day, aiming to make a profit on each trade.

Digital Marketing Agency

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Offer your digital marketing services (SEO, Social Media, SMS, Email Marketing,etc) to help companies grow.

Drop Shipping

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Create your own online product store and sell other people's products making a percentage of the sale. No inventory needed.


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Create a digital book that you sell online.

Fix & Flip Real Estate

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Find fixer up homes, remodel them, and sell them for higher prices.

Flip Luxury Watches

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Buy and sell luxury timepieces for a profit.

Membership Site

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Create a website that is restricted to only members that are subscribed. 

Network Marketing

Create a network of independent associates that promotes a product or service. 

Online Courses

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Create free and paid online courses only accessible to subscribers.

Original Design Manufacturing

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Create a brand new product from scratch.


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Create digital audio content that people can listen to on different podcast platforms.

Print on Demand

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Personally branded products printed and shipped only when they are ordered. No inventory Needed.

Private Labeling

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Place your brand on existing physical products and resell it as your own.

White Labeling

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Put your brand on existing software and services and resell it as your own.

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